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Hungry Actress

I'm starting a blog today. Why? Why not.

Being an actress leads a lonely life. Especially a starting one with little funds to pay for coaches and classes to commune with fellow actors. Most of your time is spent waiting. You rehearse by yourself. You go to auditions by yourself. You plan out your career by yourself. Because of this solitary lifestyle, our craft is personal. Our baby. Our secret.

Does it have to?

I'm an actress who recently finished graduate studies, and now teach and act in New York City. One thing I noticed after graduating is that actors talk much more about the business side of acting than the craft itself. I'd like to focus on the latter more. Keep us curious and hungry as artists; hungry for growth not so much food.

Basically, my blog will be my actor musings. Get us talking and thinking about our work. I'll talk about actors I love and why. Shows that tug at my soul. Observations with myself and my process. Frustrations. Progress. Etc. And you get to comment and join the conversation. If by reading you get hungry about your craft one way or another, then we both help each other out.

Stay hungry.

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