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Your welcome.

The book I will feature this week is a gift from one artist to another. The inspiration as to why I started this blog in the first place.

It may change your life.

It may revitalize your career.

It will make you fulfilled as an artist. And you will be happier for it.

The Artist Way Workbook

by Julia Cameron

Last year I was in a creative rut. I was unhappy about how my career was going. My friend Aurora, also an actor, suggested this book to me. Thank you Aurora.

So. What is The Artist's Way?

Basically it is a creativity homework for 12 weeks. Every chapter/week focuses on various aspects of yourself but a constant activity are the daily pages and artist dates.

Daily pages - everyday when you wake up, you are asked to write 3 pages of stream of consciousness

Artist dates - once a week, go on a date with yourself. Time alone that has nothing to do with your career, but just for your soul.

What I got out of it:

I went through my days more purposefully, instead on auto pilot

Ideas nagged me to be made; now I'm working on a documentary and this blog; which I owe to this book

It reminded me of things that make me happy that I've been neglecting, like salsa dancing, or going to museums

An allotted 'me time' made me feel relaxed and happy, and more productive

It encouraged a balanced life - family, social, career, personal and health

What I didn't like about it:

I wish the chapters never ended, I postponed reading the last week in fear that it was about to end

I mean, 3 pages? Write as many or little as you like

I have many friends who feel lost because the freelance life has no structure. Too much freedom can be daunting. What should I do? How do feel productive when I have no schedule? What day job should I take? When you do have a day job - how am I practicing my art when I'm in my 9-5 everyday?

I can't say enough about this book. Whether you're a freelance artist or stay at home parent or corporate professional - READ THIS BOOK. Go. Do it now. Go open another page, copy & paste the title. Find it on amazon or whatever. They have a kindle version. You can be reading it right now.

Again, your welcome.

Stay Hungry.

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